Draft Statistics

Hero pick rates, ban rates, and pick order rate.

Teams win, losses, and win rate are based on where they pick a hero in the draft. So if a team bans Valeera at the first position of the draft, we are showing those teams wins and losses and win rates as well as when teams actually pick Valeera.

Valeera overall ban rate: 1.36%

Pick Order Pick/Ban Rate % at position Team Wins Team Losses Team Win Rate %
Ban 12.70121348.00
Ban 23.88201655.56
Ban 33.99221559.46
Ban 44.31182245.00
Pick 11.8361135.29
Pick 21.949950.00
Pick 35.07163134.04
Pick 44.42142734.15
Pick 55.72233043.40
Ban 54.64182541.86
Ban 63.45181456.25
Pick 65.61223042.31
Pick 79.92593364.13
Pick 812.62566147.86
Pick 910.46435444.33
Pick 1019.42899149.44