Hero Map Statistics

Hero Maps provide information on which maps are good for each hero.

Dehaka Maps

Map Win Rate % Popularity % Ban Rate % Games Played Wins Losses
Tomb of the Spider Queen52.4822111288676612
Towers of Doom51.224930229411751119
Cursed Hollow50.435432268713551332
Garden of Terror50.264426213110711060
Braxis Holdout50.0824141212607605
Infernal Shrines50.0335201791896895
Dragon Shire49.845233222111071114
Sky Temple49.085132217610681108
Alterac Pass48.6037231603779824
Warhead Junction46.066140249011471343
Battlefield of Eternity45.81158823377446
Hanamura Temple41.051510609250359