Hero Maps

Hero Maps provide information on which maps are good for each hero.

Muradin Maps

Map Win Rate % Popularity % Ban Rate % Games Played Wins Losses
Sky Temple51.8226.512.54330171159
Towers of Doom50.9525.132.18316161155
Battlefield of Eternity50.0028.112.11358179179
Dragon Shire48.9827.312.40343168175
Tomb of the Spider Queen47.9223.172.25288138150
Cursed Hollow47.8423.391.53301144157
Infernal Shrines46.7420.851.89261122139
Alterac Pass46.3127.312.69339157182
Volskaya Foundry45.4325.862.03328149179
Hanamura Temple45.0828.982.40366165201
Braxis Holdout44.3724.192.25302134168