Hero Maps

Hero Maps provide information on which maps are good for each hero.

Stukov Maps

Map Win Rate % Popularity % Ban Rate % Games Played Wins Losses
Hanamura Temple55.5329101646914732
Battlefield of Eternity54.2328111584859725
Tomb of the Spider Queen52.5130121636859777
Braxis Holdout52.05321119311005926
Towers of Doom52.0427101545804741
Sky Temple51.982491391723668
Cursed Hollow51.372491419729690
Dragon Shire51.322591397717680
Alterac Pass49.2128101579777802
Infernal Shrines47.9330111646789857
Garden of Terror47.4726101481703778
Volskaya Foundry46.3531111808838970